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New urban area project The Venetian

With people all over the country on Vietnam, Nha Trang name has been known as an ideal tourist city. A series of events worldwide scale was successfully held in Nha Trang in recent years, increasing the attractiveness of the city for everyone. With the goal of building a city of Nha Trang organizes world-class event, party, state, provincial leaders and the interest level of investment, development Nha Trang in many aspects, including the implementation of urban projects (NUA) are planning to take Nha Trang development of tourism but also more comprehensive in terms of economic, political, social.

Phối cảnh kiến trúc khu đô thị mới The Venezia

New urban area project Le Hong Phong I ( 3 sub-areas ) and new urban area project Le Hong Phong II of Corporation Finance Real Estate Petroleum Ha Quang been named general plan consistency is The Venetian . The project has a lot of advantages to be able to make a modern urban area , providing services for people living and utility space . The Venezia is located in the heart of the development planning of the city of Nha Trang in the west . The project has a convenient transportation system as roads Nha Trang - Lung Bridge runs across the width of 60m , along the western bank of the river district chief investment are being renovated with Route 1 along the river 30m wide , parallel to the east line Le Hong Phong is 30m wide road 4 . Large -scale project ( 150ha ) , enough for a synchronized planning an urban area with full utilities for economic , social , community and building a modern living space , green , clean , beautiful , civilized people . As planned , The Venetian will be a new urban area , dynamic , green , clean , beautiful , modern , bring many benefits to the people living here and for the city . Nha Trang in general . We can say , KDT The Venezia will be a focal point for economic , administrative , social , cultural , brings a solid foundation for future family life with rising values ​​.

To conduct planning KDT The Venezia , JSC Real Estate Finance Ha Quang Petroleum has hired the consultant company PTW ( Peddle Thorp & Walker ) - Australia plans to build detailed 1/500 for projects . The Venezia will be a mixed residential area , bustling , friendly environment , unique design , and targeting impressive economic and environmental sustainability . Currently, The Venetian has attracted investors to make the investment in building a world-class school levels including elementary , junior high , high school ( of about 1,500 students ) , with teachers in the country and overseas experience , advanced education methods and application of modern science and technology . It is expected that this project will start with the project in 2010 . In this area also will build an international hospital with an area of ​​about 3 ha , a size of about 300-350 beds . This is a specialized hospital for diagnosis and maternal health care , children with a team of doctors and foreign experience . Besides the private clinic , the region provides health services , resort community ...

With the investment scale , user -friendly environment , The Venice Project NUA becomes an important point , brought very own characteristics for the coastal city of Nha Trang .


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